Monday, April 20, 2015

Spring "Animal" Writing Fever!

I love how my students have improved in writing this school year! They began with simple sentence frame writing in the beginning of the year, to full blown research papers! Okay, almost full blown research papers! But I must admit, my 2nd grade, dual immersion students have done so well. I cannot say enough of how proud I am of them.

We started off by learning about the life cycles of the plants and animals. Then we continued by learning about different animal groups, their characteristics, and habitats. 

During writing time, I prepared them really well. We went over the writing process of an informative piece of writing and what it entailed.  (Quick shout out to my best bud, Angelica Sandoval) And during their spring break, they completed their animal reports. I must say, they turned out FAN-TAS-TIC!!

Here are some of the awesome results and presentations!

Ha! I love my little kiddos! They all made their presentations. Presentation rules were:
1. Introduce your animal,
2. Give 3 facts about your animal, and
3. Say one fun/interesting fact.

In the end, my students expressed how fun it had been making their reports. And because we also worked on reports during Black History month, my students have gotten used to that "portfolio" format. Later a student asked what we were going to do a report on next. I told him, "Rocks!"