Saturday, August 23, 2014

My "Sílabas musicales" At Work!

This past Friday, as I was monitoring my rotations, I noticed one of my students was struggling with her syllable sounds. I gave her a copy of my Sílabas musicales sheet and told her to use it to help her write. I worked so well! She said she remembered from the music track the sounds and was singing them in her head.
Here she is writing! And to top it off, she's working on another of my products, the Houghton Mifflin's Lectura Equilibrada sentence sheets. So cool to see my products at work!

Then later, as I was walking to recess, my first grade neighbor had these on his wall! He told me his class were learning their syllables and were excited to sing the Sílabas musicales song. So cool!

If you'd like to get a free sample of my
Sílabas musicales, click HERE. 

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